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A Taste of Croatia

Your visit would not be complete without experiencing all the amazing flavors of Croatia.
The country's cuisine is varied and distinctive, as it straddles two culinary traditions: the seafood-dominated Dalmatia and the inland's heartier Central European-style fare. Each region of Croatia has it's own specialties, all worth trying and all equally delicious, fresh, and served with pride. We invite you try some of the best dishes that the Dubrovnik region has to offer while you stay with us in Trsteno, and taste the care and dedication put into every meal. Here, we've only presented a small sample of these delicacies, so we hope you'll enjoy exploring local menus and trying everything from delectable seafood and local olive oil to freshly baked breads and desserts.

The Best Oysters in the World

Visit Ston, another beautiful and historical town known for it's production of some of the highest quality sea salt in the world. Beyond the architecture and impressive defense walls, one of Ston's most famed treasures are the incredible oysters harvested daily and served at the peak of freshness.

Ston is a mere 35 km (22 miles) north from Trsteno, and many local restaurants will serve these and other local recipes.


Dubrovnik's Classics

We know that unfortunately not everyone cares for or can enjoy seafood, but rest assured there are many other options available for meat-lovers and vegetarians alike. One of Dubrovnik's beloved dishes is known as "Šporki makaruli", or dirty macaroni, which is far more delicious than it sounds, we promise! This traditional dish is often served on the feast day of the city’s patron saint, St. Blaise. Dating back to the days of aristocracy in Dubrovnik, when the wealthy would have eaten all the best meat before preparing what was left with macaroni for their servants on special occasions.  

Thankfully, these days even us commoners can enjoy the best of the best despite the humble origins of this dish.

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